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The Most Delicious Hike in Fort Collins, Colorado: The Fort Collins Brewery Trail

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

After living in Fort Collins for several years I was quite surprised that I could not find any kind of brewery hike or bar crawl in a town that dubs itself Colorado’s brewery capital! With over 20 breweries and more popping up on an almost regular basis, I knew there had to be a way to see the most in one day without having to drive all the way across town. That's why I took it upon myself to figure out how to see the most of these fantastic craft beer creators all on foot.

This 5.7-mile hike takes you to 8 craft breweries across the entire Northern area of Fort Collins. This includes some of the largest brewers in the country such as New Belgium and Odell's Brewing Company, along with several more local brewers. One of the must-do activities of a Fort Collins, this brewery hike is sure to get anyone in the hiking spirit.


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Pregame: Things to Know Before the Hike

  • This hike takes you to 8 breweries and is 5.7 miles total if you take the entire loop with only 80ft elevation gain (super flat and easy walk)

  • If you get confused with your directions, the mountains are always West

  • PLEASE, bring this map with you, or download the one I made on the "All Trails" app, there are a couple of tricky spots that may be difficult to navigate without some sort of directions

  • This hike starts in the Old Town area of Fort Collins and loops through a more industrial district and ends in the nice trail along the Poudre River. This gives you a view of almost every part of Fort Collins.

  • This hike can be taken in either way of the loop, which is either the trail first or last, but I suggest you take the trail last. You can always grab a rental bike, scooter, or rideshare from any brewery location if you do not want to walk all the way back into Old Town

  • It’s a good idea to switch out for tasters or other smaller size beers to avoid being plastered by the final brewery (especially if you're not from a high altitude the alcohol will hit you harder)

  • This hike will take practically all day, so I suggest starting around when the breweries open at 11 am to be able to enjoy each one accordingly

  • Fun fact: Fort Collins has so many breweries because we have some of the best water in the state of Colorado. Being the furthest city North, we are the first to collect the fresh glacier water from the Cache la Poudre River


Equinox Brewing the first stop on the Fort Collins Brewery Trail

You will start out your exciting adventure at Equinox Brewing, in Old Town Fort Collins. This is a smaller brewery with a stage for live music, a multitude of rotating taps, and two outdoor patios, all in the comfort of Downtown. Equinox strives to keep things local by holding intimate events in their bier garden and distributing their beer on their very own “keg trike” which is a 3 wheeled bicycle that helps them hand-deliver each keg to local restaurants.

a Google map of where to start the Fort Collins brewery Trail and where to park

The best spots for parking are either for free along Remington St. or across the street from equinox is a parking garage that charges $1 an hour.


Coopersmith's Pub and Brewery on the Fort Collins brewery hike

After Equinox, start walking North on Remington St. and across Mountain Ave to reach your second location, Coopersmith’s Pub and Brewing.

A google map of how to get to Coopersmith's Brewing from Equinox Brewing in Fort Collins Colorado

This place is quite unique for the fact that they have two separate buildings right next to each other. The one on the East side will be their pool hall, while the one on the West is their regular restaurant. Both serve food and their original beers, but not always the exact same ones between each building.

The restaurant side of Coopersmith's Pub and Brewing in Fort Collins

They are pretty well known for a green chili blonde ale that is quite unique and definitely worth at least a taster, but I also love their Horsetooth Stout, named after the local Horsetooth reservoir.


The front of Prost Brewing Company on the Fort Collins Brewery Trail

Prost is hidden in a small back alleyway that makes it another more unique find in Fort Collins. Continuing North through the town square, you’ll cross Walnut St and take a right, heading East down Walnut. Right before you hit the restaurant Illegal Pete’s, you’ll see an alleyway (Firehouse alley) that has a black and gold sign about 8 feet up that says “Prost”, just follow that down the alley and Prost will be on your right.

Google map of how to get to Prost from Coopersmith's in Fort Collins Colorado

Besides being in an almost hidden spot, this is one of the more unique breweries of Fort Collins. Originally Denver based Prost actually brews German-style biers. They use only malts, yeast, hops, and water, in the traditional style, creating simple yet robust German style biers that are meant to be drank in a stein. They’ve won many awards for their classic Pils and Weissbier, though personally, my favorite is the Vienna Lager, and Austrian Style Amber.


The front lawn of New Belgium Brewing in Fort Collins Colorado

Heading Northwest from Prost through Firehouse alley, you’ll come out to Linden St. Simply take a right and follow this street out of town for about .5 of a mile until you reach New Belgium.

A Google map of the Fort Collins Brewery Trail showing how to walk to New Belgium Brewing

The fourth-biggest craft brewer in the US, New Belgium upholds some of the best standards in social and environmental change. Not only are they the creators of the famous Fat Tire amber ale, but they made this beer the first in the world to become carbon neutral! Showing their commitment to our planet with actionable change, including LGBTQ+ events, New Belgium is a brewery for good. Not to mention their annual “Tour de Fat” bicycle and beer festival held throughout Fort Collins every year is a blast!

The inside of New Belgium Brewing the fourth stop on the Fort Collins Brewery Trail

Their Fort Collins location is an enormous facility, with a large grassy outdoor sitting area that regularly hosts food trucks and live music. This is a great spot to grab some food truck grub and chill out on the grass for a bit, since you’re already 4 breweries in it doesn’t hurt to take a breather.


The front entrance of Odell's Brewing Company in Fort Collins Colorado

Walking down Buckingham St headed West, you’ll soon turn right down 3rd st. Take 3rd all the way down onto E Lincoln Ave, and you’ll see Odell’s to your left.