• Hannah Smentkowski

Mission Beach San Diego: The classic California seaside vacation

Mission beach is what I would call the epicenter for ocean fun. In Mission, you can go from paddleboarding to jet skis and from arcade games to Sea World! They have everything you could want for a classic San Deigo vacation spent by the beach. So if you're looking for a great area to enjoy some water and sunshine, look no further than Mission.

Mission Bay

This is the part of town where you get to enjoy all of the water activities. Whether you like paddleboarding, kayaking, jet skis, or whale watching, this is the area to start from.

You can also paddle up right next to the backside of Sea World!

A rental company that I suggest for paddleboards, kayaks, and other various non motored ocean items is Aqua Adventures. I've rented from them before and it was an easy and fun process. Their prices are reasonable, plus they are located right next to a bar so you can grab a margarita once you make it back to dry land.

A bit further down the road along the same harbor you'll find the more adventurous ocean equipment. While I haven't gone to this place personally, they are San Diego's largest boat rental company, renting out anything from jet skis to fishing boats, and they're called Seaforth Boat Rentals.

Next door to them you'll find San Deigo Whale Watch where you can get whale and dolphin sighting all year round!

Belmont Park/ Boardwalk

Belmont Park is an amusement park that sits right on the beach! With multiple full-sized rides (including a roller coaster), an arcade with tons of new and old arcade games, and a fried anything food stand, you can't have a bad time there.

After your fun at Belmont Park, I suggest walking down the boardwalk North towards Pacific Beach. On the boardwalk, you'll find vendors selling anything you can put the words, San Diego, on and beautiful and expensive vacation homes (the washed-out copper one being my favorite). You'll also get to watch the surfers catch some waves, and people longboarding and rollerblading along like a freakin' California movie scene.

Fiesta Island

On the other side of the bay, you'll find Fiesta Island. While it's simply an empty island with no restaurants, shops, or plumbing, this is an island for freedom. Where you stay up next to a fire on the beach with your favorite beer. Where your dog can run absolutely free anywhere on the beach or enjoy their massive dog park! It is also a popular spot for biking as multiple triathlons are held here.

As you come out of the Fiesta island area and follow E Mission Bay Dr. North, you'll see Mission Bay Park. A bayside park with picnic tables, a walking path, and large green areas to relax and enjoy a park day by the water. There is also an RV park at the end if you're wanting to stay by the ocean in your camper, it may be pricey, but it's a really nice park and close to everything.

Mission Beach is the go-between neighborhood from the party side of Pacific Beach and the chill laid back side of Ocean Beach. I highly suggest trying out the bay for more of a relaxing ocean time, without all of the crashing waves from the ocean. But I suggest the beachside for the amusement park and surfing. Either way, I think anyone can find something to do in Mission, with so many options you could spend your whole weekend in just this one part of San Diego.

If you're wanting to learn more about the other neighboring parts of town mentioned you can check out my posts on Ocean Beach and Pacific Beach.

As always, feel free to contact me with any questions you may have and comment below on anything you can add to this post. I always enjoy reading about your experiences!

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